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What’s the buzz on the Washington Corridor?

Every time I pass by Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot on my way to Texas Real Estate & Co., the little blue shack catches my eye and I can’t help but stop by for a cheeseburger and fries.

Burger Friday: Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot

sparklesWhen you’re looking for an easy meal that will surely hit the spot, you should definitely visit Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot. On the corner of Dowling St. & Leeland St. is a little blue shack that’s hard to miss and a burger joint with cheap eats that you can count on.

This hip spot has ice cream shakes that are the real deal, reprehensible onion rings, a funky al fresco picnic table vibe and most of all, insanely yummy burgers that are cheap and great to eat. Here’s the breakdown of it all.

Price: $4 Cheeseburgers, $5 Chili Burgers, $1.50 Onion Rings, $1.50 French Fries, $2.50 Milkshakes

With everything made to order, be prepared to wait. You can have a seat at the blue picnic tables and get a great view of the downtown skyline. This griddle-cooked burger is notable not just for its impressive size and the handmade quality of its wildly irregular; inch-thick beef patty–which slopes and corners in erratic fashion–but also for its excellent seasoning. Just enough salt pop and pepper bite offset the beefiness of the well-done, crusty patty. Well-done doesn’t mean dreary and juiceless at Sparkle’s, either. The condiments are applied with a judicious hand, too, so they don’t overwhelm. This is a classic example of a sandwich that’s more than the sum of its parts.

For $1.50, it can buy you some eccentric steak-cut fries with real-potato texture and a light dusting of red-peppery seasoned salt or it can get you a handful of wide-cut onion rings that are greasy, glazed and delicious. Additionally, you can pay with Master Card or Discover if you find yourself short of cash.

(Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot, 1515 Dowling St. @ Leeland, 713-225-8044. Mon-Fri 6am-7:30pm; Sat 7am-5pm. Closed Sun.)

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Home Loan Basics: Home Equity Line of Credit

There are many types of home equity loans available to homeowners. Cash out refinance is popular where you can refinance your mortgage and get a lump sum of cash. However, you are committing your equity all at once with home equity loans, in return for a potential lifetime repayment! Another option is a home equity line of credit?

This is a rolling credit agreement where you use the credit when you need it, rather than take it immediately in a lump sum and then ask yourself “What next?”

Home Equity Line of Credit

With rolling credit offered by a home equity line of credit you can use your credit whenever you like. You pay no interest until you actually use it. With regular cash out refinance deals or home equity loans, you are paying interest immediately. Even if you don’t spend a cent for two months you will still be paying two months interest – not so with a home equity line of credit!

If you spot something you would like to buy, and then buy it using your line of credit. That is when you start to pay interest – when you actually spend the money, not when you are allocated it. So how would you use an equity line of credit? Here are some examples to show you how works.

Home Equity Loans

Some lenders will issue you with a debit card. When you visit a restaurant, you can pay with the card. When you want to purchase items from a store – likewise. Fundamentally, whenever you want to spend money, you use the card or checks that may be provided and your expenditure is charged to the line of credit.

You are charged interest on what you spend, and once you have spent the total credit associated with it you must continue with your repayment- just as with a credit card. Whether you take a home equity loan such as this, or seek another means of making use of the cash you have tied up in your equity, is immaterial.

The point is that finance such as home equity loans is available, and a home equity line of credit has earned through the equity you have established on your home. There is no reason why you should not use that equity as you believe you should.

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