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What’s the buzz on the Washington Corridor?

I can’t wait for the opening of this new Cantina! The Heights keeps getting better and better with visionaries like Ken Bridge.

Ken Bridge Opening New Cantina Concept at White Oak and Studewood

elcaminoI am convinced that Ken Bridge has figured out a way to subsist on thousands of micro-naps during the day, like Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. It’s the only way I can think of how Bridge must manage the handful of restaurant concepts he’s successfully grown throughout Houston. His company, Delicious Concepts, owns all four locations of Pink’s Pizza, Shepherd Park Draught House, modern diner Lola and the new Witchcraft Tavern & Provisions, the craft beer-and-burgers spot which replaced his pan-Asian restaurant, Dragon Bowl. He’s even responsible for consulting on and creating other menus at restaurant not his own, like the new Outlaw Dave’s Worldwide Headquarters at I-10 and Washington, owned by radio personality Outlaw Dave and Duane Bradley.

Almost all of Bridge’s restaurants are in the Heights, a neighborhood he’s been committed to for years. So it’s only fitting that Bridge is taking over a piece of local history: the old blues club once called Redi Room (and more recently, the Heights Sports and Social Lounge) which has been vacant for several years.

It sits next to the Conoco station at 602 Studewood, directly across the street from Fitzgerald’s and the Heights’ own Little Woodrow’s. Catty-corner is the third location of BB’s Cajun Cafe. And soon, a cantina from Bridge will open in the spot where the Conoco and the Redi Room currently stand.

When reached for comment on the new restaurant, Bridge simply said: “It’s true that I’m in fact hard at work on the next phase of my community service.”

_MG_0015sWhile Bridge says that there’s no concrete name for the restaurant yet, he’s been addressing it as El Camino — in homage to his own 1965 Chevy El Camino.

And unlike the shotgun-style Shepherd Park Draught House or cozy confines of Witchcraft, expect big things out of “El Camino” once it opens, says Bridge.

“I will actually be adding on to the existing Conoco building and adding about 5,000 more square feet of restaurant and outdoor patio space.” He admits to being chagrined about having to demolish the old Redi Room, but when has time not marched on in Houston?

In an August 2012 article in The Leader, Charlotte Aguilar wrote of Bridge: “In just six short years, Bridge’s restaurants have become emblematic of the rebirth of the Heights.” Bridge demurred, giving credit to restaurateurs such as Gary Mosley, who owns and runs “The Creeks”: Onion Creek, Dry Creek and Cedar Creek.

Mosley proved that the Heights “is a place where fast casual restaurant choices can thrive,” Bridge told Aguilar. With the intersection of Studewood and White Oak once again invigorated — increasingly known now as the White Oak corridor, a small but busy concentration of bars, restaurants and an important music venue — I have no doubt Bridge’s latest concept will thrive too.

By Katharine Shilcutt Mon., Jan. 7 2013 at 10:00 AM

Article from: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/eating/2013/01/ken_bridge_opening_new_cantina.php

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SNMC Incorporates HERS Energy Audits for Green Appraisals

Quality assurance is important when it comes to spending the extra money to incorporate green upgrades in properties. Not all “green” upgrades or builders are equal; many basic measures for energy efficiency may not create a substantial energy reduction on your energy bill. How can a homeowner make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck? A HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Audit can substantiate the energy savings and energy efficiency of properties, so it may be worth the extra estimated $500 for the cost of the audit. HERS Audits can also provide valuable insights (before the work is started) regarding the best efficiencies to include in your energy upgrade package. For instance, they can make certain recommendations for the amount of insulation, types of windows, building performance with and without solar, to effectively plan costs and upgrades.

Another attribute a HERS Audit can offer is the HERS Index, or a miles-per-gallon, measurement for your home’s performance. The HERS Index ranges from over 130 (average home in the US) to below 0 (a Net Zero home that produces as much energy as it uses). The HERS Index can be an important selling tool if you are planning to sell your home in the future.

SNMC’s qualified green appraiser panel members (over 75 trained appraisers in three regions) now use the HERS Audit and HERS Index to measure the level of performance and energy savings and apply the energy savings to the value of the home. This information works as a certified measurement that supports the owner in documenting accepted energy performance modeling for higher valuations and to enhance a future resale or rental of the property.

For more information contact us to find a local HERS Auditor on our list of preferred contractors.

SNMC2420 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007
Allen Harry, NMLS #259568, Co. NMLS # 3116

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